Creating headlines that get attention

Creating headlines has always been one of the most important  factors in content creation. Headlines and titles are the first thing your potential audience will read. Creating engaging headlines is the key to success.

Creating headlines
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Why headlines are important?

There are 7 billion people on the planet, and I’ve met many entrepreneurial, business bloggers in all niches, and not one of them has ever had 7 billion views on their blog posts. Nope. Not one of them. Why are their posts not getting the views?

Because to say their headlines are somewhat lacking is the understatement of the year.

Curiosity killed the cat, so they say, but it’s also what gets your headlines clicked, your blog posts read and your calls to action acted upon. That’s right! Headlines can do many things, and when they contain curiosity they can do so much more!

A headline that fills the reader with curiosity stops scanners (people who scan through content fast) dead in their tracks. They’ll speak directly to your dream clients, and even send your blog posts viral bringing you heaps of traffic and causing your web server to melt! What’s not to love about a great, curiosity-clicking headline?

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Headlines and email open rate

An enticing subject line is a critical tool in a marketer’s arsenal, driving open rates, engagement in the inbox, and ultimately conversions. A subject line is the first preview a recipient has to the message that awaits them, triggering a split-second decision regarding the fate of a campaign. The question is, will your subject lines drive users to delete, open, or flag your messages as spam?

What’s at Stake?

The risks to a sender’s deliverability and reputation are very real. Spam is increasingly in the eye of the recipient, and good marketers know that relevant content is key to combating user fatigue and maintaining a strong sender reputation. The use of engaging subject lines is a dynamic part of this strategy, but it can tempt otherwise good senders into desperate bids for opens. We’ve all seen such offers in our inboxes:

  • “$$$ Act Now!”
  • “Money Inside!”

The reasoning makes sense on the surface: strong deliverability requires an engaged audience regularly opening emails from a brand, and what better way to accomplish this than by convincing users a great deal is only a click away.

But at what point does this language have the opposite effect, getting lost in the shuffle of traditional spam messaging from bad actors trying to reach the same audience? Can using traditionally spammy words like free and money in a subject line sink the performance of a sender otherwise adhering to best practices?

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Creating headlines for conversation or conversion?

With Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) being a common term and practice, if you’re a marketer out there, you may be wondering “how can someone possibly have a typo in a blog title” – it’s not a typo. You see, for many businesses, creating more conversation is as valuable as creating a conversion.

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Engaging in conversation with your audience and answering their questions is a good way to build trust. It also humanises brands and allows consumers to relate to them. This is becoming ever more important with the increase in popularity of social media as a referral platform.


Whilst there is a fine line between what can often be considered as a spammy headline compared to an incising one, headlines need to spark intrigue and fill the reader with curiosity. These headlines will generally have a higher click rate.