International SEO market research

International SEO Market Research is a key step when planning to enter new overseas markets. It is part of a process that needs to be undertaken when growing a business in the international digital ecosystem. Spending time on research helps when it comes to developing an international SEO or digital marketing strategy. Knowledge and understanding of the target market will increase the likelihood of a campaign being successful, especially if the company is planning a multilingual content campaign.

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How to get started

The first step when conducting international SEO market research and developing an international SEO strategy is an in-depth study about new target markets. It is important to know if there is a demand for such products or services in the specific countries. Research will help uncover consumer trends and behaviour, cultural and linguistic differences, and other principal factors about different markets. Checking if a website is receiving traffic or already ranking for relevant keywords in different countries can provide useful information. This information can help save time when planning to expand into new markets as it shows if there is already some interest and local demand that can be built on.

International SEO market research tools

Google provides many useful tools to do this. Some of the main ones are in the list below:

  • Google Analytics: primarily helps website owners understand how people are interacting with their website or app. Several types of reports can be created from the data and user insights available. The data can be used to optimise a website and improve user experience. Google Analytics is also a good place to start gathering the demographic data of current users for international market research. A website might already be attracting visitors from different geographic areas and speakers of different languages. Analysing the traffic of a website can highlight opportunities for new markets where users are showing an interest in products or services.
  • Google Trends: is a great tool to explore consumer search behaviour. You can discover the latest search trends from around the world, both Daily search trends and Realtime search trends. Search trends can be compared year by year, a feature that can help marketers understand and prepare for increases in demand. Analysing keyword search trends can help identify possible demand for products or services in growing areas and highlight new marketing opportunities.
  • Google Market Finder: is a new interactive tool that recommends the best markets for your business to expand internationally. Developing an international marketing strategy is vital to the success of any business that plans to enter international markets. Google Market Finder helps you research new target markets by providing actionable customer insights and data such as:

How do potential customers use the internet?

What is the average disposable income?

What is the best language to advertise in?

Which devices are potential customers using and what is the best way to engage with them?

  • Google Keywords Planner : is an advanced tool which is part of the Google AdWords platform. It allows you to research keywords and a wide variety of parameters relating to the chosen keyword such as language, country, monthly search volume, competition and much more.
  • Google Translate: is a free and useful Google tool if you don’t speak foreign languages and are only conducting initial research without the added cost of translation. However, keep in mind that the quality of the translated text is not 100% reliable.

Knowing your competitors

Competitor research is also required. After gathering information and deciding which markets to target basic competitor research can be conducted using Google and other search engines through a VPN (Virtual Private Network) to see which websites are ranking for the specific keywords, products and service. Specialist tools are available for more in-depth competitor research. These tools show the backlinks, domain age, domain and page authority along with other factors. The level of competition in a target market should be taken into consideration when choosing keywords.

Choosing the right international SEO keywords

As we have mentioned in other articles, a list of the main keywords related to the business should be made. For international SEO and multilingual content marketing it is necessary to find the equivalent search terms that are used in the target market.

Be careful with translations

Directly translating keywords from your native language does not always mean that they are the same as those used in the language of the target market. Check the search volume and competition to find the most appropriate keywords for the campaign.

International SEO market research keywords

Another point to consider is that other search engines may be more popular in different countries. Furthermore, some search engines were designed for specific markets and languages, so they work differently. Bear this in mind when finding the most relevant keywords for the campaign.

Understanding the cultural and linguistic characteristics of new target markets in different countries.

When starting an international SEO campaign, it is particularly important to understand the cultural and linguistic characteristic of new target markets. It is important to adopt an integrated approach. By doing so, the campaign is more likely to have successful results.

Having a good understanding of the culture, style, and linguistic characteristics, etc… of a new target market is a key factor for international SEO efforts to work.

Every detail is important when it comes to international SEO market research

Many people take this lightly and do not think about the importance of culture and language. When it comes to international SEO market research an integrated approach that includes culture and language should be adopted.

Cultural factors

Culture defines the way people see the world and the surrounding environment. Many claim that culture and identity are defined by differences… them and us. Culture and identity are extraordinarily complex subjects and academic fields in their own right. Therefore, without going too deep into the subject, cultural factors can have an impact on the way locals use the internet. Hence, the need to be aware of how cultural factors may influence the way people formulate search queries and what results they expect.

Language and linguistic factors

Language is in some ways related to culture. It is how people communicate. Words, phrases, and their meanings can be vastly different from one region to another due to dialects and colloquialisms. Do not think that the way people speak in Madrid is the same as Mexico City.

With language, it is necessary to think about how people might phrase their search queries; remember users sometimes split compound nouns when searching online, misspell words, or drop accents. Search engines are becoming increasingly better at understanding the context of online content. They are also starting to recognise synonyms and semantics.

Semantics refers to meaning of words in language. It forms part of linguistic and philosophical studies and is concerned with the relationship between words, phrases, signs, and symbols.

Finally, to have a successful international SEO campaign, things cannot be taken for granted, making mistakes at this early stage can be the beginning of failure.

To enter a new target market international SEO market research must be conducted to better understand all its unique characteristics so an accurate user profile can be created.

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