To compete in today’s challenging international markets, you need to reconsider the way you communicate with the world. International businesses are harnessing the power of digital communication. To keep up with your competitors, you must be able to engage with your target audiences, both globally and locally.  Multilingual Content Creation and Localisation are ways to improve customer experience by delivering valuable and relevant content that has been localised to meet the expectations of your audience.

For any company aiming to create, or improve, their online presence and achieve maximum impact from digital content in a foreign marketplace, both the creation of content and website localisation  needs specialist input.  An in-depth understanding of the target culture and language is required to give the website and content  a native feel.

Launching a multilingual website

When launching a website to an international audience, it is not only the linguistic and cultural aspects that are important. It is vital that you cover all aspects relating to local usability. The translation of content is not the only task. Consideration has to be given to many important aspects such as navigation, images, currencies, payment methods, date formats and many other factors which differ once your website is used in a foreign country.

The aim of localisation and cultural adaptation is not to “mislead” the end user or purchaser that the product or website is a local production,but instead, for them to perceive that the company is actually respectful and aware of the culture of the target market.

Distinctive Media Solutions specialise in providing  innovative cross-cultural communication services. This enables companies to make their mark in the digital world. We transform your website into a powerful multilingual communication platform that will deliver a personalised brand experience to your global audience.

As a recognised provider of multilingual digital marketing services, Distinctive Media Solutions helps companies overcome language barriers and the many other complexities relating to multilingual content creation and management. With our expertise in global marketing and effective cross-cultural communication, our services enable clients to engage with international consumers and make a greater impact at a local level.

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